Transitioning To More Accurate Costing Systems | FIA Workshop

Feb 16, 2017


Forging Industry Assn.
1111 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114
United States
41° 30' 12.7836" N, 81° 41' 12.9804" W

Many manufacturing facilities rely on highly inaccurate, plant-wide burden rates or outdated costing systems. In this course, you will learn how to rapidly increase the accuracy of your costing process. Attendees will be shown how to set up accurate costing systems based on real-world examples from the manufacturing industry.

All of the crucial elements for maximizing costing accuracy will be covered, including machine-specific burden rate development, volume impact, and a machine standard hour versus a labor standard hour.

Participants in this course will learn how to:
•  Generate machine-specific burden rates.
•  Apply volume impact to parts and to the facility.
•  Properly separate SGA from plant burden.
•  Apply a more accurate costing system to parts and quotes.
•  Properly implement the knowledge gained.

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