ESCO TOOL is introducing an easy-to-use, manually operated tool for re-facing damaged flanges and restoring them to like-new condition with a phonographic finish, virtually anywhere. The Esco Flange Hog 110® is a hand tool with a rigid I.D. clamping system, and a 1 to 10 in. I.D. range that provides a facing diameter up to 14 in. 

Suitable for re-facing a variety of flange materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and many alloys, as well as cast iron. A user simply swings the tool in a circular motion, which advances the facing blade outward and creates a perfectly precise phonographic finish.

Featuring 0.005-in. alignment accuracy, the Esco Flange Hog 110® incorporates a worm gear that smoothly drives a lead screw to produce a continuous and true spiral finish.  Two interchangeable cross feeds are available for both a smooth and stock finish in accordance with ASME B16.5 standards.  Supplied as a complete kit, the tool includes a sturdy carrying case, straight and 90-degree tool bit holders, and all necessary wrenches.

The Esco Flange Hog 110® is available for lease or purchase. Learn more at