Press builder SMS Meer reports news of a new order it has received from China’s Qiqhar North Forging Steel Co. Ltd., in northeastern province of Heilongjian. The 60/70-MN open-die press will form high-strength materials like tool steel, stainless steel, and high-alloy specialty grades for a range of industrial products.

Qiqhar North Forging Steel is a unit of Dalian Dongbei Group, which has ordered two open-die forging machines from SMS Meer in recent years. One of these is a high-speed, 80/100-MN press, and the other is an SMX 800/16-MN hydraulic forging machine.

Dalian Dongbei is a specialty steelmaker. The new investment is part of its “Technical Retrofitting for Optimization and Upgrading of Forgings” program, through which the steelmaker aims to extend the range of its semi-finished products.

Commissioning of the new press is scheduled in the summer of 2012.